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  • How do I get started?
    First, you will need to book to attend a Service NSW centre to complete a Heavy Vehicle Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) for the class of licence you wish to apply for. If you are upgrading to either a Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, or Heavy Rigid licence, select the "Rigid" Driver Knowledge Test. If you are upgrading to a Heavy Combination licence, select the "Combination" Driver Knowledge Test. To book online, click here.
  • I've passed my Heavy Vehicle Driver Knowledge Test, what next?
    After passing your Heavy Vehicle Driver Knowledge Test, you will be provided a Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) Learner Log Book. After you get that log book, you can now book on our website to find a date and time that suits you to complete your training, and let us know which vehicle class and gearbox you are upgrading to.
  • What is an Automatic/Synchromesh gearbox?
    An Automatic/Synchromesh gearbox is two types of gearbox in one. Automatic, is just like any automatic gearbox you find in a car. A synchromesh gearbox is just like the manual gearbox you would find in a modern car, which requires a driver to press the clutch pedal down once whilst changing between gears. If you do your training in a heavy vehicle with an automatic gearbox, you can drive vehicles with an automatic or synchromesh manual transmission.
  • What is a Constant Mesh gearbox?
    A Constant Mesh gearbox, also known as a "RoadRanger" or "Crashbox", requires the driver to use a double-declutching method. It requires the driver to depress the clutch pedal before pulling the gear stick out of a gear, followed by releasing the clutch pedal and then pressing it again, to allow the gearstick to go into the next gear. What makes this manoeuvre trickier than your standard manual car gearbox is that the driver must match the road speed of the vehicle to the speed of the engine, commonly known as "rev matching", otherwise it will grind the gears or the vehicle may not go into gear. A modern, manual car gearbox (Synchromesh) does this for you automatically.
  • Should I do my training and test in a vehicle that is fitted with a Auto/Synchro gearbox or a Constant Mesh gearbox?
    If you do your training and assessment in a vehicle fitted with an Automatic/Syncromesh gearbox, your licence will be endorsed with a 'B' condition. It appears on your licence like other conditions may, for example, a condition that requires you to wear glasses whilst you drive. The 'B' condition will read, "Must only drive heavy vehicles fitted with an Auto/Synchro gearbox." If you complete your training and assessment in a vehicle fitted with a Constant Mesh gearbox, your licence will have no conditions relating to a heavy vehicle gearbox. This means that you can drive heavy vehicles fitted with both an Automatic/Synchromesh gearbox or a Constant Mesh gearbox. ​ Most modern trucks are fitted with an Auto/Synchro gearbox and new heavy vehicles fitted with a Constant Mesh gearbox are becoming a lot less common, so a reduction in employability is unlikely. If in the future you decide that you need to be able to use both types of gearboxes, then additional training and a test can be done to remove the 'B' condition. If you are still unsure, please give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss it further with you!
  • What does a one day course look like?
    The day will comprise of approximately 6 hours of one on one training. Our trainer will teach you how to safely drive the truck as well as instruction in load restraint (how to tie down cargo). The trainer's goal is to not only provide you with all the skills necessary to operate a heavy vehicle safely, but also to prepare you for the driving test. After the training is complete, towards the end of the day, the trainer will swap with another trainer who will conduct the driving test in the same truck that you have been preparing in all day! It is required by law that the trainers swap to ensure that the trainer who conducts the assessment is independent.
  • I've completed my training and passed the driving test, can I drive a heavy vehicle by myself yet?
    Almost! After you pass your driving assessment, the trainer will provide you a Certificate of Competency (CoC). You will need to take the Certificate of Competency to a Service NSW centre and apply for your new heavy vehicle licence. After they have issued you with your new licence, you're ready to hit the open road!
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