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Heavy Combination (HC) Licence

Heavy Combination

A Heavy Combination (HC) Truck Licence enables you to operate an articulated vehicle that has over 3 axles and tow a trailer that has a GVM of more than 9 tonnes.

Eligibility Requirements


You are eligible to upgrade to a Heavy Combination licence if you have a had an MR or HR licence for 1 year.

What will be Covered in the Training

At Truckability Truck Training, our HC licence training program covers a variety of essential topics and practical skills to prepare you for success. Here's what you can expect to learn during your training:

  1. Vehicle Familiarisation: You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of HC trucks, including their components, systems, and operational features. From engine mechanics to braking systems, you'll learn how to operate these vehicles safely and efficiently.

  2. Pre-Operational Checks: We'll teach you how to conduct thorough pre-operational checks to ensure the HR truck is in a roadworthy condition before each journey. This includes inspecting tyres, lights, brakes, fluid levels, and overall vehicle condition.

  3. Safe Driving Practices: Defensive driving techniques, hazard perception, and risk management strategies specific to HR truck operation will be emphasised. You'll learn how to anticipate and respond to potential hazards on the road, ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

  4. Manoeuvring and Handling: Practice makes perfect when it comes to manoeuvring HC trucks. You'll develop your skills in turning, reversing, parking, and navigating tight spaces under the guidance of experienced instructors.

  5. Road Rules and Regulations: Understanding and adhering to relevant road rules, traffic regulations, and legal requirements are essential aspects of HC licence training. You'll study traffic laws applicable to HC truck drivers, ensuring lawful and responsible operation on the roads.


Choosing Between Automatic/Synchromesh and Constant-Mesh/Roadranger


At Truckability Truck Training, we offer our students the option of completing their Heavy Combination licence course in either an Automatic/Synchromesh gearbox or a Constant-Mesh gearbox, commonly known as a "Crashbox or Roadranger."

An Automatic, is just like any automatic gearbox you find in a car. A synchromesh gearbox is just like the manual gearbox you would find in a modern car, which requires a driver to press the clutch pedal down once whilst changing between gears. If you do your training in a heavy vehicle with an automatic gearbox, you can drive vehicles with an automatic or synchromesh manual transmission. This will be reflected on your new licence which will have a "B" condition that will only allow you to heavy vehicles with an Auto/Synchro gearbox.

A Constant Mesh gearbox, requires the driver to use a double-declutching method. It requires the driver to depress the clutch pedal before pulling the gear stick out of a gear, followed by releasing the clutch pedal and then pressing it again, to allow the gearstick to go into the next gear.


What makes this manoeuvre trickier than your standard manual car gearbox is that the driver must match the road speed of the vehicle to the speed of the engine, commonly known as "rev matching", otherwise it will grind the gears or the vehicle may not go into gear. A modern, manual car gearbox (Synchromesh) does this for you automatically.

If you complete your test in a truck fitted with a Roadranger gearbox, you can drive heavy vehicles that are fitted with any gearbox, Automatic, Synchromesh, or Constant-Mesh. Your licence will not have any conditions attached to it in relation to which gearboxes you can drive.

Should you complete your driving test in a truck fitted with an Automatic/Synchromesh gearbox, you can, at any time following that, participate in a B Condition Removal Course. Truckability Truck Training also provides this course.

Types of Vehicles You Can Drive with a HC Licence


Upon successfully obtaining your HC licence, you'll have the authority to operate a variety of vehicles within the licence class. Examples include:

  1. Trucks: HC licence holders can drive semi-trailers and truck and dog combinations

  2. You can also driving any vehicles in the LR, MR, or HR class.


Book Your HC Licence Course with Truckability Truck Training

Ready to embark on your HC licence journey? Enrol in Truckability Truck Training's comprehensive HC licence training program today based in Penrith, Sydney, NSW. Our experienced instructors and commitment to excellence will ensure you receive top-notch instruction tailored to your needs.


Head to our Book Online page to secure your spot now! We offer our HC Auto Course in Sydney from $1161, and our HC Roadranger Course from $1395.

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